Pay your employees with gold

You can pay your employees with gold through Goldmoney Business tools.

Pay employees in gold you say?
But surely no company does this right? Its crazy!
Oh yes they do

Lets take a quick journey together and find out exactly how to do this

After you (the employer) have signed up for a Goldmoney Business Account & created a business account, link a funding source, get confirmed, and make a deposit. Now you are ready to create a payout. Hit the horizontal bars to the left of “overview”

Select “Payouts” from the dropdown

Select “Create Payout”

Fill in “label”

-choose “currency”

-choose either payout “one time” or “recurring”

-Pick a start date from the drop down to begin the payouts

-Choose the frequency of the payouts (if using recurring payout

-Choose the vault from which you will make the payouts ( make sure it has funds to cover the payouts )

Select “Next”

Add recipients to your Payout manually by clicking the “+” button in the top right corner, or by selecting Upload CSV.

This is what sample csv should look like:

For adding manually, after clicking the + button, enter the name, payment amount, tax ID (optional), and e mail address or phone number of recipient.

*Recipients (in this case employees) must have a Goldmoney Personal account. The email or phone number entered in the payout platform should be the one linked to the recipient’s personal account. They can open an account in less than 5 minutes here.

Select “add recipient”

Continue to add recipients as needed for your payout by repeating the previous step. Select “save payout” when finished adding recipients (Top right corner of the screen)

Select the saved payout under “current payouts”

Click on the right arrow next to “payout is paused” under “payout details” in order to resume the payout (this activates the payout)

Click the back button to get back to the payout overview

Your payout in now active and you are all set!

Make sure to keep the vault you are using funded with gold for recurring gold payouts.

It is very easy to do this. Sign up for your personal account, and then tell your employer how they can do this!

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