Gold Rush Fall 2020 Founder Spotlight: Derrick Dinglasan, Founder of OPTE

Derrick Dinglasan is the Founder of OPTE, a company that offers a revolutionary handheld device that combines the best of optic technology, skincare, and makeup. The Gold Rush Founder Spotlight Series showcases the Gold Rush 2020 Accelerator Program Founders that will be featured in our upcoming online sale from November 27 — December 1.

Company Overview

What inspired you/your team to create your company?

Having perfect spotless skin has been a quest for centuries, and yet outside of multi-performing foundation, innovations that address both the coverage and long-term improvement of hyperpigmentation have been few.

On average, only 5% of facial skin needs to be corrected, yet most products on the market today exist in the form of creams that expect you to cover 100% of your skin, often exacerbating the spots you are trying to treat. OPTE was developed to provide precision skincare that reveals the natural beauty of skin.

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?

OPTE is a completely unique product in the skincare market. It’s not a laser, makeup, or skin lightening cream. It is a precision skincare system that leverages printing technology and digital optics through a built-in camera to scan the skin and pinpoint exactly where coverage is needed, delivering instant results for perfected skin. By treating and covering just the spots that need it and not the ones that don’t, the natural beauty of skin is revealed every day.

The Founder’s Journey

Has being of Asian descent played a role in your success, or has it ever been a challenge?

Being of Asian descent has played a role in driving my success as well as presenting challenges along the way. As a minority, I have on several occasions felt people making snap judgments about my abilities, personality, or even my ability to be a leader. At the same time, being challenged constantly also made me work harder to ensure that I always put my best foot forward, to prove that I am just as qualified as the next (seemingly more mainstream) guy.

Tell us about a major milestone in your life that forced you to pivot. What did you learn?

My parents instilled in me that being a doctor is a highly respected career path. I spent my first 2 years in college following their dream, which at the time I had thought was also my dream. I realized that I was not as deeply curious about anything in the pre-med track so I switched to a major in computer engineering — which set up the trajectory for my career in technology and e-commerce. The pivot taught me that I need to follow what I’m personally passionate about to achieve my dreams.

If you could share a meal with anyone in the world, who would it be, where or what would it be, and why?

I’d share a meal with former NBA star, community activist, entrepreneur, Earvin “Magic” Johnson. I admired his approach to life on and off the court — with a big smile and focused intensity. When he broke the news to the world about contracting HIV, his courage and leadership were inspiring and transcended his achievements in basketball. Magic’s work as an entrepreneur to bring businesses like movie theaters and coffee shops to underserved communities, make him one of the greatest heroes in LA.

The Journey Ahead

Tell us about one of your core values and how it influences the way you plan to scale your business.

One of my core values is dedication & commitment. Throughout my career I’ve learned that there are multiple ways to solve a difficult problem. And just because one method or path fails or is not successful doesn’t mean that one must give up hope or hard work to achieve his/her goals — leaders resolve to stick with it. This core value, paired with resourcefulness, will play a significant role in my plans to scale OPTE.

What are you most excited about in the next year for your business?

It’s Year One for us, so what I am most excited about is bringing OPTE to market and getting it into customers’ hands. The product has been years in the making and helped many people find confidence in their own natural beauty during testing. The chance to move from closed trials to be available to all over the US is exciting. The build and launch have been a monumental effort and we’re also thrilled to be recognized by Allure’s Best of Beauty as this year’s breakthrough beauty device.

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