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A full list of Dutch companies that raised VC funding in 2020

Hi there, we’re Golden Egg Check and we are startup analysts. We help startups to become investor ready and we help investors and corporates to get in touch with relevant scale-ups. Each year, we collect and analyze investments in Dutch startups & scale-ups.

Dutch tech startups and scale-ups raised more than €1.7 billion in venture capital last year. Despite covid-19, that's a new record:

We've done a ton of research on the companies, investors and deals that were involved in this €1.7 billion in VC funding. Read all about it in our Dutch Venture Capital Report 2020.

Order our Dutch Venture Capital Report 2020 here:

Have a look at the Dutch startups & scale-ups that raised funding:

We've collected a lot more information about these deals, including:

  • guesstimate of the funding amount in case of an undisclosed amount
  • market & tech tags to make it searchable
  • involved VC investors and an overview of (Dutch) angel investors
  • female leadership?
  • round (Seed, Series A, Series B etc)

We have included and analyzed 272 records, which is a bit lower than in 2019 (286). However, we will be adding deals to our private dataset that we get from regional investors and other sources in the startup ecosystem. At this moment we have 290 deals, which is even more than 2019.

Also read:

It's pretty likely that we missed some deals, especially small, early-stage investments. Let us know in the comments below or send us a message.

Other ways to get our insights and analyses:

🙏 If you want to get more insights on the companies, investors and deals of 2020, please order our Dutch Venture Capital Report 2020 and support our efforts.

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