The Next in Adventure

It is about braving the change in the wind, sometimes to course-correct, sometimes to set sail against it.

It is called Organisational Flexibility.

It is the bedrock of all innovation.

But innovation does not come by imitation.

It does not come by mimicking the best of what others have innovated or invented before.

Innovation begins with a sense of who we are and what we do.

To innovate, one must map out the whole process from idea to execution.

The Seed knows it contains the Tree.

That is to say, a vision of how it is going to scale up as a Startup.

Such a knowledge is not possible without a semantic map of the essential structure of the original Idea.

It is a human idea we are mooting, it is a human adventure we are seeking.

We are innovating the next step in Adventure Travel.

Our innovations help the human element to grow richer and vaster.

Just get your backpacks ready.

We will reach you shortly.