Shrouded Spoils Speculation

What’s to come in this month’s update?

The next major content update, coming sometime this month, is called Shrouded Spoils and can be described as a collection of odds and ends- various requested features that have been in the works for a long time.

So what will be included? Here are my best guesses.

Confirmed Features

When Joe Neate first revealed the Shrouded Spoils, he detailed a few features that would be part of it, while leaving the rest mysterious for now.


A new weather effect, rolling zones of thick fog will traverse the map, creating an eerie visual and auditory effect, but also impacting visibility. When sailing through the fog, a spotter in the crow’s nest will be vital for navigation.

Ship Customization

Accidentally revealed back in July, Rare has planned to implement more ship customization features, and they’ll finally be coming in the Shrouded Spoils update. The Ship Wheel, Cannons, and Capstan will all become customizable, adding to the ways you can make your ship unique.

Pirate Legend Commendations

Unlike the main three reputation factions, the Athena’s Fortune faction (which you progress once you become a Pirate Legend) does not have a list of commendations specific to it. This will soon change. If they work like the other factions’ commendations, these will be a list of challenges that you’ll accomplish over the lifespan of your Athena’s Fortune journey, with each challenge earning you a bit of Athena’s reputation, and unlocking a higher tier of challenge (from grade I to grade V). These could include total nautical miles sailed while on an AF voyage, total items sold such as chests or skulls, skeleton captain’s killed, etc, OR they might be entirely new challenges unlike those we’ve seen before.

Most Likely Unconfirmed Features

Employees of Rare love to tease features that are being worked on. Whether it be on Reddit, their weekly mixer streams, or at gaming expo panels, Rare often answers questions which reveal features that are yet to come. Here are a few which have been mentioned as being in the roadmap, and are prime candidates for the Shrouded Spoils update (in order of how likely I think they are). It’s very unlikely that ALL of these ideas get added, but any one of them has a chance.

Roaming Skeleton Ships

It’s been mentioned since Skeleton Ships were first revealed that someday they would become roaming/emergent threats in the world. As of yet, they have only been featured in a type of raid battle in which you fight waves of them in a designated battle zone in the corner of the map. This has come up so many times, it’s the mostly likely unrevealed addition to Shrouded Spoils.

New Rewards

Expect new types of in game loot rewards and new contexts for when we’ll receive them. In particular, Rare has mentioned adding a Merchant exclusive “Stronghold Item” to the Skeleton Fort Vaults- perhaps a Crate of Stronghold Rum? Additionally, Rare has teased the notion of the Megalodon or Kraken dropping rewards upon their defeat, and also discussed possibly adding new types of Cursed Chests down the line- any one or more of these are possible inclusions in the Shrouded Spoils.

New Shanty/Instrument

We haven’t had a new shanty or instrument added to the game since the Hungering Deep update back in May, which brought both a shanty and the drums. Rare created a new shanty for the Forsaken Shores, but hasn’t given it to us yet in game. Likewise, they have tested a Banjo instrument as well as a One Man Band and “lots of other instruments”. Here’s hoping that we finally get a new musical tool to complete our crew-bands, and a new Shanty to go with it!

Captaincy and Pets

One of the earliest planned updates to the game was to bring micro transaction features, including pirate-pets and “Captaincy”, the ability as a pirate legend to become the Captain of a ship and features tied into whatever that entailed. Those features were suspended as they reworked their gameplan to focus on more varied content updates, but they are asked about frequently and always mentioned to be “still yet to come”.

Less Likely but Possible Features

New Forts

Currently, there are 9 Skeleton Forts in Sea of Thieves, but only 3 of them can become active raid locations. The other 6 can spawn resources and gun powder barrels, but otherwise have no function. Rare has mentioned in the past that they are working on making the other 6 Forts functional and adding them to the rotation of Skeleton Forts. Additionally, when the Forsaken Shores update hit, Rare mentioned that they’d like to add a Skeleton Fort to the Devil’s Roar region as well. Expanding to the other 6 forts, or adding an entirely new one, would be a considerable amount of work for potentially lower prestige than some other wanted features, which is why I listed it as less likely for now.

Resources and Cannonball Management

When the Cursed Crews update launched, Barrels 2.0 changed the game’s resource interface in ways that many players took issue with. Over time, a myriad of quality of life improvements to that system have made it infinitely more useful, but Design Director Mike Chapman called attention to several specific improvements that were being worked on and as of yet haven’t come to the game. For one, he mentioned that new ammo types and resource types would eventually populate the barrels. Secondly, he mentioned that a cannonball-selection wheel would eventually be added, to make changing between regular cannonballs and the 11 cursed varieties quicker and easier. So far, neither of these have come to fruition, though they also seem like features that may be lower priority. On the subject of new resource types, he specifically mentioned types of food, which brings us to our next feature:


Potentially the most oft-requested feature for Sea of Thieves, the devs are always coy when addressing this idea, but seem to understand the feedback and desire behind it. On the most recent weekly stream however, they joked that every time they are asked about when Fishing will be added, it gets delayed another month- seems to imply it might not be coming in the Shrouded Spoils update this month.

So there you have it! Shrouded Spoils is poised to be a bundle of surprises, and though most of these ideas are unlikely to make it in, a few of them just might! What ideas would you like to see implemented in this forthcoming update? Let us know down in the comments below