Our Investment in Daylight: Low-Code Hyperautomation Platform for Enterprise

Bert Amato
Golden Ventures
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2 min readSep 21, 2021


In late 2019 I first met Ryan Kimber, founder of Daylight (formerly FormHero), and discovered many exciting things about the company. Firstly, they had built a robust low-code platform; secondly, they were successfully selling into large financial institutions; thirdly, their vision of digital transformation was far beyond digitizing paper forms; and lastly, they were right in my backyard in Toronto and I had not yet heard of them. Ryan has deep expertise in enterprise technology and, together with Art and a small team, had quietly built a remarkable start-up.

Build digital experiences in days, not months

For organizations like Allianz, Bank of Montreal, and Shoppers Drug Mart, Daylight gives employees the power to easily build digital solutions without coding. Whether an organization is designing a workflow to apply for a credit card product or onboard a new hire, collecting and exchanging data is made simple. Perhaps as important as the ease of use of Daylight’s technology is the security architecture, which respects the residency of data and is fully SOC, HIPAA & GDPR compliant. In just a few years, Daylight has built an enterprise-grade product that integrates with your existing data and augments your RPA, Workflow Management and UX platforms.

A low-code, hyperautomation solution

The pandemic is driving an acceleration of digital transformation. At the same time, there is a shortage of technical talent, a drastically rising cost for that talent, and retention is at an all-time low. The Daylight platform is the perfect solution for all of these challenges.

In the years since we first met with the Daylight team, the company has grown by every measure. Their product, already sophisticated when we invested at seed, has become more robust and capable of managing most enterprise use-cases. Their team has grown exponentially. The client list continues to expand, with an ever-growing roster of financial institutions and enterprise customers deploying Daylight across departments.

Today the company announced its $12.5M Series A funding, led by our new partner RTP Global and our existing partner Bessemer Venture Partners. We led the seed round and are excited to continue our partnership with Ryan and Art. This is an exceptional team, and if you’re interested in contributing to their mission, they are hiring across all functions.

Ryan Kimber & Art Harrison, Daylight’s co-founders.