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Our Investment in ResQ: Supporting Back of House Restaurant Operations

  • There is no centralized mechanism to manage facility maintenance and repair at a corporate, franchise and operator level.
  • Restaurants are often reactionary, routinely underinvesting in maintenance and instead opting to fix things once they break. Due to the high opportunity cost of equipment downtime, a lack of pricing power/transparency, and the higher cost of repairs (vs. maintenance), restaurants' already thin margins are unnecessarily eroded.
  • Staff routinely spend >5 hours coordinating and supervising a single repair and are often forced to manage multiple individual vendors. Key staff must leave their core duties (i.e. customer service, revenue generation) to address these issues.
  • A disconnect between corporate best practices, compliance, insights and purchasing power and how restaurant operators could leverage this
  • Vendors typically engage in very little to no job planning. As a result, they are not well equipped to manage expectations with the various stakeholders, especially when it comes to ongoing communication surrounding jobs.
  • Regional vendors lack brand, marketing competence, and the scale to acquire customers efficiently.
  • The industry lacks integrated tools to deal with invoicing, collections, bad debt, other administrative functions.
  • Job scheduling/revenue is unpredictable—the lack of information for the equipment to be repaired leads to lower first-time completion rates.



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