Official Golden Exchange Rates are Published in Advance Now

Igor Chekun
Mar 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Golden Currency ( is changing the procedure for publishing daily official golden exchange rates. Now they are provided 1 day in advance.

Golden (XGN code) official exchange rates (USD/XGN and EUR/XGN) are available at Golden Currency website. They are published now 1 day in advance based on the market rates of gold (earlier they have been published with 1 day delay). On weekends and holidays and on the first day after them the official exchange rates are set based on the gold price of the last working day.

Each golden is backed by 0.025 grams of 999.9 gold and the official exchange rates are based on the market price of such quantity of gold.

The chart and tables with official golden exchange rates historical data (starting with October 29, 2018) are publicly available.

Official Golden Exchange Rates

Golden as being fully backed by real assets (gold), independent on political and economic situation of the country where it is issued, is one of the most stable currencies. Thus fixing contracts in stable golden currency and quotation of prices in golden could be a good way to avoid frequent price changes. It could be useful for long-term contracts and for business in countries with high inflation rates.

The official exchange rates are provided as benchmarks. The real exchange rates of golden could differ from official exchange rates and no guarantees of golden exchange in accordance with official exchange rates are provided.

All details on golden you can also find on web pages of the currency at

Golden Currency

Golden Currency.

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