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A Netflix Original Series : Narcos : Season 1, Episode 1

With the last update of WhatsApp, we all started to query our anonymity during the 21st century; which is the era of technology. When I first heard of this updating issue, I didn’t care. I thought this was just an update like many others. Most people thought like me and accepted it. However, when I saw this issue on the media I understood that we should be concerned. What we should be concerned about wasn’t the end-to-end encryption, but the unethical situation this platform created for it’s users. When WhatsApp first established it was clearly safe and the best platform to use for chatting free with your acquaintances. Then what-so-ever happened, they added this new agreement for their users. This immediate change in WhatsApp concerned all it’s users and was inevitable. Some people moved to other apps, some didn’t care and stuck with WhatsApp. But all in all, this sudden change affected everybody in some way. Everybody who owns a cellphone or uses WhatsApp. We think and feel that the world has been going through it’s most sudden changes, especially these days. However, it has always been changing this rapidly in the whole history. As human nations develop, the world develops. It changes, suddenly. “How?” you might be asking right now. Let me prove it to you, with the first episode and the monologue in the very beginning of a Netflix original series: Narcos.

“Nowadays the U.S. Government can listen to anything you say, they know where you are, they know who you are talking to, and trust me… You turn on a cell phone or a computer, and you’re doomed. But in Colombia 1989 it wasn’t that easy. First off there was no internet, no cells. The best they had was satellite phones, and in order to capture a satellite phone you had to fly directly over it. On top of that the only people who had cell phones were filthy rich, landowners, the politicians. Lucky for us the narcos were richer than them all.”

In approximately 32 years we, humanity, expanded in every way that it can. Back then there was nothing, including technology & privacy. People always think that technology ruins privacy; but if somebody wants to reach you, they do it. In a way. Nothing can stop them. Not the undeveloped technology nor the nonexistent GPS. If somebody wants to reach you they do it.

This power has been used sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Though it differs with your role in the society, it is obvious that everybody wanted privacy but none got it, at any time through this world. Another point to be made is that we should be ready for volte-face and sudden changes. In this world of technology, not everything is made for the benefits of the society but sometimes for personal interests. At this point a clear question should pop up in our minds, as the Golden Record readers, “Does your ethical values allow you to change for personal interests?”




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