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Accessing liquidity as a Goldfinch Investor

How to withdraw capital as a Backer or Senior Pool LP on Goldfinch

Participating as a Senior Pool LP: FIDU Liquidity

  • The Senior Pool is Goldfinch’s single diversified pool, optimized for ease.
  • Senior Pool Liquidity Providers (LPs) supply USDC to the protocol’s Senior Pool, which automatically distributes capital across the network’s Borrower Pools according to the protocol’s leverage model. This mechanism ensures that the Senior Pool is diversified across many Borrowers.
  • LPs can withdraw from the Senior Pool by redeeming their FIDU for USDC when there is unutilized capital in the Pool.
The Goldfinch dapp: Senior Pool

Participating as a Backer: PoolToken NFT Liquidity

  • Backers invest in specific Borrower Pools to optimize for yield and selection.
  • Backers are responsible for evaluating specific Borrower Pools, and providing first-loss (junior tranche) capital to specific Borrower Pools.
  • Backers may withdraw interest payments at any time as the Borrower makes them, or can access liquidity via their PoolToken NFT.
Goldfinch Borrower Pool Investment
The Goldfinch dapp: Asset-Backed Pool via Addem Capital



Goldfinch is a global, decentralized credit protocol for lending to real-world businesses.

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Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol that allows anyone to be a lender, not just banks.