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DeFi Credit Protocol Goldfinch announces Membership Vaults

Novel system empowers investors to enhance their participation in Real World Asset (RWA)-backed lending

Active loans by country: Goldfinch Borrower Impact Estimates, Dune

Expanding participation

Goldfinch’s Membership Vault system is the first phase of a broader tokenomics redesign (Tokenomics v2), which was approved by the protocol’s community earlier this year, and focuses on enhancing the utility of GFI, Goldfinch’s native token. Membership is designed to empower Goldfinch investors to support the protocol’s security and expansion while increasing their participation.

Goldfinch’s 30d Trailing APY has shown an upward trajectory since the market crash this spring: Dune

Real-world stability

While the TVL within the DeFi ecosystem has declined by 65% according to data from DeFi Llama, the interest rates on stablecoin lending have held steady on Goldfinch, an early indicator of the potential long-term benefit of that bringing real-world lending on-chain and expanding DeFi beyond crypto-native activities can offer the industry.

About Goldfinch

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol on a mission to connect the world’s capital to the world’s growth, by creating a single global credit marketplace. That means everyone, from startups in Lagos to institutions in New York, can borrow from the same capital markets and that all investors can access those deals directly.



Goldfinch is a global, decentralized credit protocol for lending to real-world businesses.

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Goldfinch Foundation

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol that allows anyone to be a lender, not just banks.