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Facilitating more transparency between Borrowers and Investors on Goldfinch

New tooling now enables improved transparency for Goldfinch participants: here’s how to access it

  • Trusted, secure, real-time communication channels between Borrowers and Investors
  • Accessible way for Borrowers to fulfill any and all obligatory Investor Reporting requirements, creating easier inroads to access the reporting that exists in their off-chain documents and agreements
  • More effective channels for Investors to securely communicate with one another, enabling enhanced collective bargaining power

New communication channels to meet Investor needs

  1. A token-gated Discord channel where the Borrower can communicate with Investors (both Backers and Senior Pool LPs) to provide updates, and where Investors can discuss the Pool amongst themselves. This will be managed by the Goldfinch community.
  2. A password-gated Dataroom where Borrowers will post all necessary documents that they are obliged to provide as part of their off-chain legal agreements with Investors for compliance, reporting, and evaluation. This will be managed by the Borrower in line with what their existing real-world agreements require.
  • Backers invested in the Borrower Pool in question, who possess at least one pool token representing the Backer’s participation in the Borrower Pool
  • Liquidity Providers in the Senior Pool who possess at least 10,000 FIDU tokens or staked FIDU tokens, representing approximately a $10,000 investment to ensure that the LP’s accessing this proprietary data have adequately aligned incentives to protect a Borrower’s best interests.
  • The token-gating configuration is executed using the Guild tool to grant access only to Backers and Senior Pool LPs as described above.
  • Borrowers informing the capital providers that an update has been made to the Pool’s Dataroom
  • Borrowers answering questions posted by the Investors in the channel
  • Borrowers confirming to Investors that an interest payment has been made
  1. All fully executed legal documents related to the specific pool
  2. All waivers, amendments, and default notices
  3. Covenant compliance certificates
  4. Quarterly investor updates
  5. Portfolio level reporting

How to access the Goldfinch Borrower Communication channels

What’s next?



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