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Getting started: Resources for Goldfinch due diligence and underwriting

What Borrowers on Goldfinch provide for due diligence documentation, and how to access materials for your underwriting

  1. Conducting research on the Borrower using both public resources and Goldfinch Borrower profiles
  2. Reviewing the in-depth dataroom provided by Borrowers, accessible through the Goldfinch dapp
  3. Joining the Borrower’s private two-way messaging channel and asking questions of the Borrower directly, or asking questions of other community members
  4. Post-investment, joining the Borrower Communications channels to access regular reporting, investor relations, private two-way communication channels with other investors, and to continue engaging with the Borrower

Flight Academy: getting started with credit analysis

Researching Goldfinch’s Borrowers

Addem Capital’s Goldfinch Borrower profile

Borrower profile

  • A summary of the Borrower’s fund, goals, and business model
  • Key highlights of the Borrower’s operation, such as the regions they operate in, metrics on their past deals and portfolio evaluation traction, successes of their portfolio companies, large partnerships, and other notable value propositions
  • An overview of the leadership team and their experience
  • What the Borrower’s focus area is (“What we do”)
  • An overview of the Borrower’s traction and accomplishments (“What we’ve done”)
  • An overview of the Borrower’s key strategy (“How we do it”)
Cauris’ Borrower Pool launch documentation

Dataroom for robust due diligence

  • An overview speaking to the Borrower’s historical performance
  • Material speaking to the performance of their portfolio/end borrowers
  • Transaction structure for the Borrower Pool, and a security overview document explaining how security will work in the instance of a default
  • Agreements the Borrower has in place with their portfolio/end borrowers
  • Deal-specific documentation for the proposed Pool, including term sheets, loan agreements, security agreements, and any other transaction documentation deemed necessary.

Discuss with the Borrower and other Investors

  • In the communication channel, potential Investors can ask questions of the Borrower, find clarification on the diligence information provided, or request additional information from the Borrower.
  • Importantly, potential Investors can also communicate with each other via these channels. Negotiations can take place between the Investors and the Borrower, and Borrowers can review the questions asked by others in order to help continue their own due diligence.

Post-investment Borrower Communication tooling

  • Trusted, secure, real-time communication channels between Borrowers and Investors
  • Accessible way for Borrowers to fulfill any and all obligatory Investor Reporting requirements, creating easier inroads to access the reporting that exists in their off-chain documents and agreements
  • More effective channels for Investors to securely communicate with one another, unlocking enhanced collective bargaining power
  • A token-gated Discord channel managed by the Goldfinch community, where the Borrower can communicate with Investors (both Backers and Senior Pool LPs) to provide updates
  • A password-gated Dataroom, managed by the Borrower in line with what their existing real-world agreements require, to post all necessary documents that Borrowers are obliged to provide as part of their off-chain legal agreements with Investors for continued compliance, reporting, and evaluation.

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