Goldfinch Joins the Celo Alliance for Prosperity

Our decentralized credit protocol becomes a member of the ecosystem of organizations supporting prosperous communities, and making digital assets more accessible in the real world

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3 min readAug 8, 2022

We’re proud to announce that the Goldfinch community has joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, a network of Celo mission-aligned organizations committed to growing global and local ecosystems in service of creating the conditions of prosperity for all.

Alliance members work to help digital assets be shared in faster, less expensive, and more transparent ways, while expanding financial access and inclusion to digital currencies for the un- and under-banked. The network joins the ranks of many of the Goldfinch community’s existing participants, borrowers, and investors within the Alliance, including Cauris, Mercy Corps Ventures, a16z, and Coinbase Ventures, alongside other members such as the Grameen Foundation and Deutsche Telekom.

“DeFi offers a new economic paradigm to advance financial inclusion, especially for people who are often excluded from traditional financial systems,” said Nikhil Raghuveera, Celo Foundation’s Head of Strategy & Innovation. “With an eye towards people’s needs and real-world use cases, the Celo Alliance for Prosperity and its partners can support financial empowerment, together with the help of Goldfinch’s vision to bring crypto-powered lending to people and businesses around the world.”

“The Goldfinch whitepaper was created with the vision of creating a more fair, transparent, accessible financial system, owned by those who participate,” said Blake West, Goldfinch Co-Founder and Warbler Labs CTO. “I’m glad that the community will be working alongside other Alliance members to create real impact and opportunity, using DeFi to break down the barriers to financial access faced in most of the world.”

Re-imagining how financial systems work, from the ground up

Celo’s carbon-negative, permissionless, layer-1 platform helps to expand access to financial services to anyone in the world with a smartphone. The Celo Alliance for Prosperity was created to bring mission-aligned organizations together to collaborate on Web3 technologies that help create the conditions of prosperity for all.

Goldfinch shares this vision and is proud to be unlocking the benefits of DeFi every day, with over 1 million people and businesses reached with crypto capital across 20+ countries via the protocol’s borrowers.

Goldfinch’s mission is to build a decentralized, globally accessible credit protocol that brings the world’s credit activity on-chain, expanding access to capital and fostering financial inclusion. The protocol’s foundational belief that everyone can participate, and that access and opportunity should be equal for all to take part in the global economy of the future, is closely aligned with the Alliance’s work collaborating on integrated solutions that better serve the needs of users around the world.

You can learn more about the Celo Alliance and its members on the Celo Foundation’s website. Mission-aligned organization can apply to join the Alliance with a commitment to impact. More information about Goldfinch and how it works is available in Goldfinch’s protocol overview, or you can subscribe to the Goldfinch Community’s Weekly Updates to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on the network.



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