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Goldfinch provides Divibank with a $5M debt facility to give LatAm businesses access to non-dilutive growth capital.

The Goldfinch community is excited to share that the protocol has provided Divibank, a data-driven financing platform offering LatAm businesses access to non-dilutive growth capital, with a $5M borrower pool to fund the growth of its operations in Brazil.




Borrower Pool

$1M (Initial Drawdown), Pool Link


Divibank is a data-driven financing platform that helps online businesses in Latin America scale by providing quick and affordable non-dilutive growth capital. Today, the company offers its customers revenue-based financing to fund their digital marketing campaigns. The Divibank platform also provides insights and performance analytics for clients to get more value out of the capital they receive.

Divibank’s diverse client base spans many sectors, with a majority of its clients being e-commerces, SaaS companies, edtechs, and fintechs. Unlike the slower and more expensive capital from traditional financial institutions, Divibank’s non-dilutive financing allows these businesses to grow on their own terms with access to quick and affordable capital.

With the capital sourced from the Goldfinch protocol, Divibank will grow its customer base to reach thousands of online businesses in Latin America in the coming years.

You can learn more about Divibank here.



Goldfinch is a global, decentralized credit protocol for lending to real-world businesses.

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