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Golem’s World Tour: Asia insights and North America tour announcement

Now that main net has launched and we all got some well-earned rest, it is time to tell our community about our first experiences in Asia, and what’s coming next.

Before we decided to set sails and do an Asia tour, the continent was uncharted territory for Golem. We always knew that the way forward for the Project was to get out there and raise awareness about what we’re building, but due to the challenges that working on such unique scenarios as the ones our technical team explore day after day, this was slightly postponed.

We needed to gain more confidence and adapt to the challenges and the evolution of the decentralised ecosystem, and we can proudly say we made it. The project’s attitude shift is now consolidated, and the message was made clear and spread across several Countries, Cities and Communities. We stick true to who we are, what we do, and what we want to become, and to our promise to contribute to the Blockchain ecosystem in the best and most proactive manner possible.

Now, back to the tour: we kicked off in Hong Kong for Token 2049, where Julian hosted a panel and we also got the chance to host a more intimate meet up with the organizers and prominent projects, and speak about the challenges we faced before our main net launch. We were lucky to be accompanied on stage by Gnosis, whose prediction market is already on this stage, Kyber that’s as well taken the leap a few months ago and Bluzelle.

A day after, we flew to Singapore to meet the locals and share another meet up with Airswap, Maker DAO and Digix. We explored the diverse token models and its economies and answered the questions from the Singaporean community. This particular city is well-known in the Blockchain ecosystem for its enthusiastic approach towards the movement, and they did not disappointed.

Then it was time to fly to Tokyo for the most important part of our trip, the presentation of the Ethereum Community Fund. We have been working alongside the Founding Members since approximately November 2017 to make this happen and we arrived to the conclusion that, in spite of being all tech companies accustomed to online interaction, even if constant, the human contact and face-to-face discussions are extremely necessary. We met dozens of outstanding projects and individuals and together, we spread the well-received message of unity to the community.

During the ECF event, we presented the first grantees: outstanding projects and initiatives that deserve all of our attention and support. You can check ECF’s blog for insights on the grantees and more.

Finally, we presented in Beijing, where we got to know the community for the first time. The high enthusiasm of the crowd that gathered spontaneously and in a matter of days after our announcement, was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

We closed our Asia trip with a presence in Deconomy, where we joined a panel and connected with the local community. This was as well, our first time in Seoul and we were pleased to see the enthusiasm about Golem that was perceived through the visit.

But we’re not quite finished yet….

We’ll be continuing with our tour in May, where Viggith will kick off the North American tour bringing SGX to the blockchain ecosystem by presenting at EDCON in Toronto, from May 3rd to 5th alongside a stellar line-up. Moreover, we will be speaking about our mainnet launch and the challenges, on a panel alongside Status and Maker, on May 2nd at the University of Toronto, which will host the ECF + Friends meetup.

Later on, we’ll jump on a plane to New York, where our CTO will take the stage again at Ethereal (May 11th-12th) while Julian does the same at Token Summit (May 16th — 17th). Expect a Golem + Friends meet-up in NYC announced soon as well!

Stay tuned, to our Twitter and Reddit channel, for the meet-up announcement.

But wait! Most importantly, we would like to let you know that for these two locations, we are not only flying the usual suspects over there, but also a large portion of the team that played a key role on the build of Brass Beta and launching main net. So expect a big conglomerate of Golem T-shirt clad people ready to connect with the community.

Now it’s time to go back to work, continue building our project, our strategies and alliances, and safeguard the relationships we worked hard to build, while making sure everything thrives at a steady pace. Thank you for your unwavering support.



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