Finishing an indie game : a summer of fear and excitement

Hello there !

It’s been a little while. Sorry for letting you in the dark about what we were doing !

We started communicating earlier in the summer thanks to the art of the game, to show you what we had in mind. And we got a fabulous article in TouchArcade, another in Pocket Gamer, and we’re on our way to be on, the biggest video game website in France and Europe. It’s truly awesome, we hope we’ll have enough coverage to show the game to all the hardcore gamers out there !

This summer has been a roller coaster of emotions. It’s been 10 months now, that we’ve been working on Golem Rage.

We’re working remotely, and part-time. It modifies a lot of workflows, common in real / bigger video games companies. We have to create the Art at first, wait for the development to be advanced enough for testing, then rework both so they work together, and the balancing of the game is coming at the very end.

That being when we’re not surrounded by various bugs, that always stress the **** out of me. Because I’m not a dev, every bug is a fatal one for me.

I have a trend to exaggerate problems.

But Golem Rage is going to be a great game !

How I wish I could deal with bugs. One punch, man.

For those who don’t work in game development, there are always iterations, going back and forth, which are an opportunity to check what works and what doesn’t. And then decide, how to make the whole game finally fun. This phase is maybe the most important : it’s a test, hands-on, of the game’s feelings.

In our specific context, it is also a risky one : we invented a lot ot things, enemies pattern, golem’s attacks, how to win, how to lose ; and that’s the moment you mix everything together to see if there is fun.

Golem Rage is an innovative mix between a Beat-Them-All and some parts of a runner. So you don’t bother killing enemies, because you need to escape as fast as possible, but to do so you must certainly bash enemies and survive. It concentrates the fun and requires more reflexes than a good ol’ repetitive arcade BTA.

It is also a very sensitive game to balance ! Too much enemies, it’s near impossible. Your Golem dies and dies repeatdly…

Too few, you just avoid them with no thrill. Your Golem still dies, but from boredom.

Some enemies work very well, others are not that interesting and need to be improved. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack : you test the game a hundred times, and then you FINALLY identify the ONE parameter that’s been bothering you and ruining the gameplay.

And then, you go on again for another hundred time.

That’s where we are currently ! It’s like having the three quarters of a cake, but you can’t share it or everyone is only going to see the missing quarter.

Hopefully, we are close to what we had in mind. And we will show it the second it’s ready !

See you soon,

Our team trying to deliver a Demo on time.
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