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Blackboard Launches, Officially Enabling Golff DAO Governance

Dear Golff Users:

According to the previous community proposal to establish Golff DAO, the community governance has been newly upgraded and the Blackboard has been developed and tested. It will be officially launched on May 15, 2022 at 11:00pm (GMT-5). Golff DAO members and community developers can participate in Golff governance at Governance, receive tasks in the Blackboard to get tasks and earn incentives.

GDAO obtained from Ethereum and Heco chains can be transferred to BNB Chain via Golff Bridge, and subsequent GDAO will be generated by users through pledging GOF in Golff Course (BSC & Heco) regularly.

Governance&Blackboard Tutorial

1. Proposal Creation

  • . TheGolff DAO members can initiate a proposal at Governance by pledging 10,000 GOF in accordance with the proposal rules.

2. Proposal Publicity and Optimization

  • After the proposal is launched, the proposal will be publicized in the community for 48 hours, during which the community users can leave comments to propose optimization and discuss the reasonableness of the proposal, and the proposal will be formally approved if more than 10 people support it. On the contrary, the proposal initiator can delete the original proposal and re-initiate the proposal for the corresponding publicity.

3. Proposal Referendum

  • Golff DAO members use GDAO to vote on the proposal that has been announced, and if more than 4% of the total number of GDAO in circulation vote in favor of the proposal, the proposal will be passed.

4. Proposal Implementation and Monitoring

  • Proposals voted by the community are automatically listed in Blackboard.
  • All community developers can pledge 10,000 GOF to receive tasks in Blackboard, and the tasks can be received and executed by multiple developers.
  • After completing the task, developers will submit the code or detailed operation execution plan to the platform.
  • The code will be reviewed by GDAO 50,000+ members on Github and voted on Blackboard, and the proposal with the first GDAO vote and more than 10% of circulation will be approved.
  • After the task is reviewed and approved, both the proposer and the developer will receive the corresponding GOF reward. If the proposal is not approved, the GOF pledged by the proposer and the developer will be refunded.

Governance Flowchart

For more information on GDAO yield and governance, please see the documentation:

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