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Golff BSC Lend will launch DOT, UNI, FIL and other tokens

Dear Golff Users:

Golff Lend (BSC) will launch DOT, UNI, FIL, CAKE, AAVE, XVS on December 8, 2021 at 23:00 (GMT-4). The lending collateral ratio for these 6 tokens is 30%. Golff Finance will continue to improve Lend lending ecosystem with abundant financial services.

The BSC Lend allows users to spend less to borrow easily by obtaining the best lending rates on the BSC. Users can satisfy their deposit/borrowing needs through Golff Lend, allowing depositors to enjoy high interest rates on deposited tokens and borrowers to obtain more favorable borrowing costs. At the same time, users participating in deposit/borrowing will get additional mining GOF rewards.

To participate:

How to Participate: Open BSC Lend, click Market, enter Token page to participate

About Golff

Golff is dedicated to create a light, open and free financial world. Established in 2020, Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank that goes beyond being a DeFi aggregator platform. Officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020, Golff currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 20+ mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, MXC, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, MDEX.

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Golff is an one-stop crypto bank with a product format that is primarily a DeFi aggregator platform with products such as fantastic farm, earn collection, financial enhancement insurance, and lighting lending to provide users with more convenient decentralized financial services

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Golff Protocol

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