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Golff DAO Officially founded — — Let the community power drive the development of Golff Finance

Dear Golff Users:

The proposal for the creation of Golff DAO has passed the community vote. According to the proposal, Golff DAO, an open and decentralized organization, has now been officially founded.

Golff users are expected to become more involved in the project’s governance and operation, work together to promote Golff Finance, and take the initiative in its development. Promoting Golff Finance toward to completely open and decentralized organization and take it as a new starting point.

What’s Golff DAO?

Golff DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization and smart contract system serving the Golff ecology, which refers to an open decentralized organization that is not controlled by the hierarchical central authority, operates automatically according to predefined program rules and gives voice to all stakeholders in the network. GOF is the utility token and GDAO is the governance token of the Golff system. Dao members can initiate the Golff project governance proposal and jointly decide the project product development, operation direction, project cooperation, vault strategy, and the release rules and uses of 38.69 million GOFs that have not been released through GDAO voting.

Golff Dao’s organizational structure

There’s no centralized node of a hierarchical management structure in Golff DAO. Everything follows the principles of equality, voluntariness, mutual benefit, and mutual benefit and reciprocity.
Golff DAO consists of GTEAM and GDAO members

GDAO Members:

  • any organization or individual holding GDAO

GTEAM(Golff DAO Contributor Team):

  • A small, autonomous group of Golff contributors empowered entirely by GDAO members.Assisting GDAO members with governance as the core facilitator of the Golff DAO
  • Any capable DAO member can apply to join GTEAM to help set up the Golff DAO
  • Join the GTEAM

How to participate Golff DAO governance?

I. Optimize the community governance process

1. Initiating proposals through pledge GOF
2. Proposal publicizing and optimization
3. Proposal referendum using GDAO
4. Proposal implementation and supervision

II. Attract more community developers to the Golff ecosystem through incentives

1. Product development proposals voted by the community will automatically enter the Job List task list
2. Community developers will receive tasks by pledging GOF
3. After completing the task, submit the task to the community for voting and review
4. After the task is approved, the proposer and developer will receive the corresponding task rewards

Governance Flow Chart

More details

GDAO Output System

According to the distribution of existing active Golff users, and in order to reduce the cost of user participation in governance, the entire governance process will be migrated from the original Ethernet to the BNB chain. The GDAO generated by the original pledged GOF will be transferred to BNB Chain through the cross-chain bridge, and the subsequent pledged GOF output GDAO will be carried out on BNB Chain.

About Golff

Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank, and its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform. Golf is dedicated to creating a light, open and free financial world. Golff officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020. It currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 24 mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, MDEX.

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