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Golff is listed on CertiK Skynet System with 94 security score

The One-Stop services Encrypted bank Golff Finance has been listed in the CertiK Skynet scanning system, which provides 7*24 operational monitoring and danger alerts, as well as contractual vulnerability scanning, providing strong security for user assets. CertiK will help Golff to establish higher security standards and create a secure DeFi ecosystem together.

CertiK Skynet is a dynamic scanning system that uses automated scanning technology to provide users with real-time protection against on-chain transactions and to identify and flag various malicious vulnerabilities before they occur.

The Skynet system analyzes six dimensions: static analysis, on-chain monitoring, social sentiment, governance and autonomy, market volatility, and security assessment, and Golff Finance scored a whopping 94 out of 100 on the overall security scale (on a scale of 0–100).

Previously, Golff smart contracts have been audited by four security agencies, including CertiK, to safeguard users’ funds. Golff will continue to serve users with the purpose of security and trustworthiness, creating a revenue-optimized DeFi aggregator platform that gives users confidence.

About Certik

Certik, a US-based blockchain security auditing company, is the industry’s most recognized auditing platform. Founded by a team of researchers from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research, Certik provides code security auditing services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through “deep specification” formal verification technology.

About Golff

Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank, and its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform. Golf dedicated to creating a light, open and free financial world. Golff officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020. It currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 24 mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, Matcha, LongBit, and Lbank.

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