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Golff Roadmap V2 Official Launches — Announcement

Dear Golff users:

After more than a year of rapid development since its official launch in September 2020, Golff Finance has gained some influence of its own in the DeFi aggregator space. However, the cryptocurrency industry is changing rapidly, and while we are actively embracing the changes in the industry, we have to continue to expand our market reach and keep Golff Finance sitting at the top of the DeFi ecosystem.

With the new Roadmap V2, Golff Finance will start a new journey of “route upgrade” in the next year’s development route plan.

Roadmap V2 will be different from the previous version. Roadmap V2 will focus on exploring more ways to explore NFT+DeFi and meta-universe, continuing to promote multi-chain deployment, building a global developer community, constructing a user on-chain credit system, and enhancing the liquidity of GOF multi-chain tokens in CEX and DEX, etc.

Roadmap V2 disclosed that it will continue to open the GOF deep cooperation program, which can provide financial support to close partners in addition to mutual mining, in order to open up the ecosystem within the system.

In 2022, Golff Finance will build a credit system on the chain of users and gradually build a Light, Open and Free Financial World. The current One-Stop Services Encrypted Bank is only one of the infrastructures of the future Golff DeFi-World. The next step will be to conduct multi-dimensional matrix analysis through the raw data accumulated on the chain, and then integrate and process the data to build a unified identification of a complete user profile in combination with NFT. G-Dao will be used as the governance token to make the project governance fully community-based, so that users can actively and fairly participate in the project governance and make profits in DeFi-World. We also enable users to profit and participate in the governance of this DeFi-World.

The future Golff is not only an aggregator or a one-stop crypto bank. It will be more of an on-chain credit system + financial system in the future and will be integrated into various meta-universe ecologies to provide image sketching for users. We continue to write a new chapter and open up infinite possibilities for Golff’s future.

To thank you for your continued interest and support, we are launching a airdrop campaign on the Roadmap V2 page to give away 10,000 GOFs. Users are welcome to participate. Address:

Next, we will continue to provide users with unique product experience and better service with the new look of Roadmap V2!

The Golff Roadmap V2 timeline and events are announced as follows.


2021 Q4 : Increase the liquidity of GOF multi-chain tokens both in CEX and DEX. Launch mainstream exchange access for GOF (BSC & Heco).

2021 Q4: More NFT+DeFi gameplay exploration to promote the NFTization of DeFi equity. Plan to launch NFT Reward Booster in late October, when staking NFT can get mining reward bonus. GOF holders can then have long-term ecological benefits and governance rights, which provide incentives to long-term Golff supporters.

2021 Q4: Enhance the utilization rate of Vault funds, thus continuously improving the return of user funds. In November, it is expected to first support collateralized lending of Golff Vault deposit certificates — G-Token, which will release the liquidity of Vault funds and amplify returns.

2021 Q4: Multi-strategy intelligent fund allocation to ensure safety and optimize portfolio returns. In November Golff Vault is expected to add multi-strategy vault, which will provide users with better strategic returns through an optimal routing algorithm that intelligently allocates Vault funds in multiple strategies.

2021 Q4: Launch BSC lending to complete Golff ecosystem in BSC. Golff expects to further deploy a secure, stable and smart lending protocol on BSC by the end of November.

2021 Q4: Continue promoting multi-chain deployments to capture the subsidy dividends of each public chain. Plan to complete the deployment on Avalanche protocol in November to provide DeFi service on Avalanche. Partner with several projects on Avalanche ecosystem on Golff Carnival board for cooperative mining.

2021 Q4: Build a global developer community and launch a developer community incentive proposal to engage more developers in innovation and optimization of Golff’s DeFi products.


2022 Q1: Continuously promote multi-chain deployment. Plan to deploy the Solana in 2022Q1, combine the features of Solana, optimize and upgrade the existing DeFi products, and enrich the multi-chain asset management ecology.

2022 Q1: Build users’ on-chain credit system to lay a solid foundation for credit loan products. After establishing profiles for each address and cleaning and tracking analysis of their on-chain behaviors, Golff can grade and score the on-chain credit behaviors based on our self-build credit score model.

2022 Q1: Connected to several metaverse projects, Golff Finance will build the economic system and credit system in the metaverse.

2022 Q2: Set up an institutional business line to grow TVL by accessing compliant institutional funds. Begin by exploring institutional compliance business at the Stony Brook University Blockchain Lab.

2022 Q3: Partner with head blockchain analytics firms to compete with the regulatory agency.

2022 Q3: Working & accepting regulatory compliance. Apply for New York State BitLicens for further traditional funding.

About Golff

Golff is dedicated to create a light, open and free financial world. Established in 2020, Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank that goes beyond being a DeFi aggregator platform. Officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020, Golff currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 20+ mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, MXC, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, MDEX.

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