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Golff Weekly Project Progress


This Week’s Project Data

Total TVL

Peak TVL $66.43 million

TVL of each chain

BSC chain TVL peak 丨 $53.23 million

HECO chain TVL peak 丨 $10.45 million

ETH chain TVL peak | $5.05 million

The latest popular Vault APY comparison

The latest popular Lend interest rate comparison

GOF data

Current Huobi Price: 0.63 USD

Current total circulation: 9,882,771.73

Destroyed and repurchased: 66,527.49 tokens

Product & Project Progress

  • Course

Golff will soon launch the Course, which will be available on September 22, 2021 at 20:00 UTC.

  • Vault

BSC version of Farm added G-GOF-USDT mining pool.

  • Vote

“Proposal for Golff to launch Course and add GOF rewards”, after the community public announcement and public vote, the proposal has been approved and implemented simultaneously with the launch of Course.

Operation & community progress

  • The Golff Global Community First Anniversary Essay Contest has closed and rewards will be distributed soon.
  • The Golff Global Community Bug Bounty Program is ongoing, aiming to find more professional security researchers, software developers and white hat hackers to participate in the program, offering rewards of up to $20,000.
  • Increase in the number of overseas communities: 1230+
  • Increase in the number of other communities: 460+

Market progress

  • Golff and SofaSwap enter into a strategic partnership to explore liquidity mining Farmer
  • Golff Reaches Strategic Partnership with CCTIP, a Digital Asset Wallet, and will soon be in CCTIP

About Golff

Golff is positioned as a one-stop crypto bank, and its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform. Golf dedicated to creating a light, open and free financial world. Golff officially launched liquidity mining on 9/9/2020. It currently supports multiple wallets such as BitKeep, imToken, Tokenpocket, etc. The main governance token GOF has been listed on 24 mainstream exchanges including Huobi,, Matcha, LongBit, and Lbank.

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Golff is an one-stop crypto bank with a product format that is primarily a DeFi aggregator platform with products such as fantastic farm, earn collection, financial enhancement insurance, and lighting lending to provide users with more convenient decentralized financial services

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Golff Protocol

Golff Protocol

One-stop encrypted bank, to create a light, open and free financial world.

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