What you are feeling is “real”, 5 great posts for mom’s

With so many great writers and posts out there, GoLife wanted to share 5 posts that remind mom’s that motherhood and life can be a struggle and your experiences are “real” and you are not alone!

  1. Instagram: It use to be that advertising and marketing told parents how they should be and feel. Today, mother’s are exposed to social media and Instagram images that over represent “happiness” and forget about “struggle” and real life. Lindsay Hunter writes a great post reminding us about “Motherhood in the age of Instagram
  2. “Having it all”. A loaded topic with a million opinions but here is one post from “Strong Headed Mom” where she says “In fact, the pressure of “having it all” is what caused the struggle that most of the working mothers are facing every day.
  3. The loss of one’s own mother: Mom’s are also daughter’s and often caregivers for aging parents. Death and illness can be scary and the struggle that comes along with losing a parent catches many of us off guard. Lynnda Pollio captures the emotional journey beautifully in her post “The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done”.
  4. Body Image: Rachel Hollis shares an uplifting body image post to empower woman. “My body as carried me through marathons and held me up through seasons of trauma. My body has been every size and shape and through it all it has remained strong and powerful,”.
  5. It’s funny, sad and true: A fun article in the Huffington post that provides “24 Clear Signs You’re Mom”, as if you didn’t already know! #1, 5, 8 are personal favourites with me doing #15 the other day!
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