Open Update #1 - June 2017

At Golisto we’re all for transparency in both our internal and external communication. We’re striving to build a work culture where all members of the Golisto family knows where we are heading and how things are going.

We will be publishing our “Open Update” when we feel there’s enough accumulated news to be shared, where we’ll give you guys a detailed update on what’s going on at our company as well as important highlights from the months that has passed.

“When are you guys launching?” 🚀

Yes, we should have launched our beta by now.. Our original road map outlined a beta launch in early spring. That’s now replaced with a new and more realistic launch date in late 2017.

We’re a fully independent company and are bootstrapping our way into the market, which means that we don’t have the development capacity of more established/funded startups.

Road map for July 2017 -> 2019

The launch delay was a precaution that had to be taken to prevent future technical issues. Our CTO, Morten Jelle has been working like crazy the last couple of months to complete a full rework of our backend (db, api, redux, you name it!) so we are sure there are as little technical debt as possible when we launch.

We have a waiting list of more than 500 people just waiting for us to launch. We really appreciate all the interest that you guys have shown for our project and we want to honor that by shipping as soon as possible!

Say hi to our first employee: Morten Jensen 👋🏻

This has been under way for some time, but now it’s official. Morten is our first employee, which is quite a milestone for us!

He’s joining our development team as a frontend engineer and will be responsible for building and implementing new features and improvements. He’s a very strong addition to our already awesome team and will most likely result in us being able to ship new features and fixes at a much higher pace than ever before 🏃🏻.

Double thumbs up from Morten

Welcome to Morten and congratulations to us!

Most popular posts since last update 💕

While preparing our platform for beta we’ve had the time to create some tutorial posts for you guys to enjoy:

  1. How to: sell your goods
  2. How to: build a marketplace
  3. How to: personalize your profile

July will be our most exciting month yet 🎉

We’re really looking forward to July. Because that means beta launch. We’re also establishing our advisory board which we’re hopefully able to present to some extent next month. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to write us an email: or chat with us on our facebook page 🙏🏻

Want to join? Sign up now at and we’ll notify you when we go live. #thethingsyoulove
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