Dev Team Update #1

We’ve just launched a new version of Golix. Here are the changes we’ve made:

  • We’ve added 3 new tokens: RMESH, STEEM and USD₮.
  • We now have a testnet environment on You can test Golix there with testnet currencies. And you can log into our testnet environment with your credentials.
  • We have a better, improved API. We have also released a sample trading bot that you can use to interact with our API on
  • We’re now a Stellar Anchor for KES, XAF, GLX, DASH. All currencies can now be deposited from the Stellar network and are now tradable on the Stellar Decentralised Exchange.
  • We’ve made some UX fixes on wallets page. Plus, the default currency on the wallets page is now BTC not USD.
  • We’ve added links to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on the footer of every page.
  • Golix now supports company accounts and we’ve added an additional verification level for organisations.
  • We now support direct deposits to our bank account in South Africa. Bank account details can be found on the ZAR deposit page.
  • We have fixed a bug on the order book where it was not clearly visible when there were no orders available. It will now clearly show you that there are no bids or there are no asks.
  • We have and improved and simpler KYC process. We’ve also made it easier to submit verification documents.
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