Gomix has launched! Here’s what folks are saying

We’re so pleased today to have released Gomix out into the world and we’ve been thrilled by the response so far.

In case you don’t know, Gomix is the easiest way to build the app or bot of your dreams. And it seems that our mission of bringing “View Source” back and enabling people to easily create things with code has struck a chord with many.

Megan Rose Dickey over at TechCrunch described Gomix as being “a throwback to the heydays of software development and the internet, when it was a lot easier to get started making cool things.” Which is a theme Matthew Hughes at TheNextWeb also picked up on, remarking that “it’s ironic that despite laudable initiatives like the ‘Hour of Code’ and ‘CodeAcademy’, it’s never been harder to learn to program.”

He rightly points out that nowadays “aspirant coders are bombarded with a dizzying list of frameworks, languages, and libraries”, which makes it difficult for people to know where to get started. This is something that came up on Product Hunt too, with one one commenter saying that Gomix “solves the main problem I have with side projects right now: too many decisions to make about infrastructure before you even get to build something”.

Which is a pain I know only too well myself! Having begun to build many an app, only to have ended up Yak Shaving and spending all my spare time dealing with servers and databases, and not actually making the thing!

Clearly I’m not alone, as I think this is in no small part why we ended up top of Product Hunt after only a few hours.

#1 in Tech on Product Hunt

Our mission has a more serious side too, and that’s as a tool that can help get more people in to coding. So it has been heartening then to see the likes of Ellen Pao, Christina Morillo and others at the forefront of diversity in tech issues willing us on! We don’t plan to let you down on our wider mission to “democratize app development, practice social responsibility and help ordinary, everyday people participate in the software and internet economies.

But, my personal favorite comment so far comes from Ryan Hoover — who described Gomix as what it’d be like “if Github and Tumblr had a baby 👶🏼”, which is like, the exact thing we were going for!

And, if we keep seeing comments like these then we’ll know we’re moving in the right direction!

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