What can you build on Gomix?

Thousands of Gomix early-adopters have already been busily creating all manner of projects! From apps to make designing sites and building bots easier, to games that will steal hours of your life. The creativity is inspiring us, and we’re so thrilled to see the use the platform is getting! So much use, in fact, our users are putting aside sleep in favor of creating awesome stuff!


But, rather than try and tell you what and how you too can start building on Gomix, I’m going to show you. We have 6 fun examples of projects created in the last week by our fantastic community of makers.

In no particular order, here are 6 projects we’re using and loving:

  1. The first app we’re highlighting is a Twitter bot template from Gomix user Stefan Bohacek. It makes it easy to work with the Twitter API and create your own bot! It’s a great example of a helpful work tool, made quickly and easily in Gomix!
Stefan’s live site

2. Next, Darren Newton has been experimenting with CLJS and identicons. We love his style and excitement in experimentation.


3. Ghaida Zahran, a designer at Netflix, created a Material Design base project, providing a quick way to bootstrap a site or app with Material. We think this app will be super useful for remixing!

4. For something completely different, Gomix user Nick Farina whipped up a real-time tap list. He populated the web page using an Excel file on Dropbox.

What’s on Tap?

Nick made this project to help out his brother-in-law’s bar. This app is an awesome example of the real-world ways Gomix can make people’s lives just a little bit better!

5. Onto games! We have to throw some love at our new CEO, Anil Dash, who has been getting in on the action. He made Mini Breakout, a clone of the 1976 arcade classic. It was created in JavaScript using the open-source HTML5 game framework, Phaser.

6. And our last pick is from Gomix user Ben Orozco, who made a multiplayer Snake clone using Socket.io.

There she goes!

Ben’s game is total brain candy, and it provided a happy break to the whole Gomix team on launch day.

If you’re eager to build a website, app, or bot — then visit the Gomix community site for ideas, starting points and building blocks to work from.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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