Sorry, Your StartUp is not a Unicorn, Pt.1

How & Why we founded regardless

It’s clear. Setting up a StartUp and became the new paradigm for any normal 14–45 year-old person sometime on a Saturday evening back in 2012. Obviously, the train has just LEFT the station. It’s the night train to Lisbon so stay the fuck tuned.

Taking entrepreneurship classes at university? Check. Highlighting your people skills on the CV? Check. Participating on competitions feeding your heartblood to potential clients that see all ideas but only reward the best one? Check. Getting together in entrepreneur meetups, finding a medium-level executive coach from a local 3–5 person IT infrastructure software maker, going to workshops, exchanging with other StartUp owners (about nothing, really), working on your business model canvas, and thinking of monetization for your SaaS project management tool (just charge a signup fee!)? Spending precious life time dwelling in others’ investment stories, fails, glory, dreams, learnings? Check. Applying for accelerators, building a business plan, trying to make sense out of it? Check. Andy Samberg should puke on Deborah’s desk in “Like an Entrepreneur”, and Rohan Gilkes is right: The entire StartUp ecosystem caters to domesticated Wantrepreneuers trapped in their cloudy headspace of not-yet-realized potential and easy-does-it(never) attitude.

Honestly, guilt-tripping people into believing they’ll mysteriously become filthy rich by creating a unicorn online platform biz is a malicious feature of our time. All these manuals, all these online courses, summits, shady clickbait headlines. They are drilling us to flawlessly build the logic of the next great venture. Shark Tank: 10% equity for your automatic aquarium glass cleaner.

HOWEVER: Both the time for creating useless bullshit AND the time for creating epic things has never been better.

Up next: Starting Gondolaa, pt.2: How Digital Nomadism, Remote Work and Freelancing infected us

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