The Plan

As we set out to explore the world while working remotely, many friends and family have asked: “Where are you going first? When will you be where? Where can we meet you on your journey?” We will be constantly updating this post with our current itinerary as it changes. So, be sure to check back often.


  • Jan-Feb — Miami, Florida and Barcelona, Spain
    February will be Pepper’s first month working at Gradle, so we have to find solid internet connectivity by then.
  • February 20th-March 27 — Ireland
    The emerald isle is hosting a creativity workshop based on the book The Women Who Run With The Wolves which Sarah has studied and is interested in learning more about. We’ll be near Cork and might spend some time in Dublin. St. Patrick’s Day should be fun!
  • March 27-May — Morocco: Fez, Marrakesh, and the coast near Essaouira most likely
  • May 15 -June 4 — Portugal
  • June 5–12 — art workshop near London
  • June 12–24 — France
  • Jul — Italy or Denmark
    We’re not sure where to spend the summer. On the one hand, we really love Italy and have been several times. But, on the other hand we are curious about Scandinavian culture and it seems like the summertime is the best time to visit. Or Iceland …
  • July 30-August 27 — Scotland
    Edinburg’s annual Fringe Festival has us excited to spend some time in Scotland. We’re thinking of putting on our own performance. Not sure what we’ll do right now, but we’re kicking around some ideas.
  • Sept-Oct — UK, maybe other parts of Scotland
  • Nov-Dec — USA
    The idea right now is to return home for the holidays next year and visit friends and family and maybe set out on a slow journey across America in 2017.


  • ??? — Australia, New Zealand, Asia
    Sometime during this year, we’ll have made our way across the US of A, and we’ll just use that momentum to cross the Pacific and see some of Asia and especially the Australian and New Zealand cultures.