To the Emerald Isle

The journey from Barcelona to Ireland was easy. I caught Pepper grinning at dinner our first night here and learned that he is elated to be among speakers of his native language again. However, we learned a thing or two about the differences between Irish English and American English at a standup comedy/improv class we attended on our second day here. For example, to “give out” means to complain or criticize, as in “He gave out to his girlfriend when she was late for the movie.” We really enjoyed the class — the other participants delivered some very humorous stories and we learned a couple new improv games including Predator/Prey and got to practice heightening/exaggerating other people’s stories. I laughed so hard when part of the group reenacted the story of our travel day. The elements the actors chose to highlight were spot on — our love for spreadsheets and numbers and trying to turn everything into statistics. Hilarious and true!

Last night I attended a writing workshop that also exposed me to another Irishism: “I amen’t” which means I ain’t. Oh, the fun of language! I hope to do some writing while I’m here, maybe a short story or outline of a novel. I have a concept that I like, but no plot yet.

This is our third stop since leaving Pittsburgh and the third place that has palm trees. How can there be palm trees when it is freezing outside? They sure are sturdy. Other plants here think it is spring and they are already blooming — daffodils and delicate cherry trees. Although I just learned that the cherry trees are called Winter Flowering Cherries, so I guess they are aptly named.

Here’s your reward for reading to the end of this post: the stats we are collecting about our luggage weight.

Starting in NYC
29 large green backpack
38.5 roller suitcase + black backpack
3.7 tumi laptop bag
62 lbs total

Leaving Pittsburgh
14 new purple backpack
59 all others
73 lbs total

Leaving Miami
48.5 roller suitcase +black backpack
24 purple backpack
9.5 tumi laptop bag
82 lbs total

Leaving Barcelona
30.9 lbs roller suitcase
18.7 lbs purple backpack
25.4 all others
75 lbs total

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