CIA Hacking (Cormari Nel 1111241)

Hacking is a major problem that evolved with the development of technology. Hacking is defined as the malicious exploitation of weaknesses in computer systems and specifically the coding used to secure the operating system. When ordinary citizens are found guilty of hacking, serious consequences are usually enforced, but according to the American Government, there is nothing wrong with hacking if it is done by their Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is instead, motivated by the American government as seen by their funding allocations.

For the last 10 years the United States (US) CIA has been trying to break Apple iOS security. Whilst doing this, using physical and non-invasive techniques, they penetrated Apple’s encrypted firmware. They planted malicious codes on several of Apple’s devices and proceeded to seek out the vulnerabilities of these devices.

They managed to create modified versions of Apple’s XCode, and with this modified version; users could sneak surveillance backdoors into apps or programs that were developed for iOS and OSX. They also modified OSX updaters to install key loggers.

All these activities were funded by the American tax payer’s money seeing as the CIA is part of the secret US Government program. Surprisingly enough, the entire occurrence had no impact on enterprise mobility. Enterprises were informed that they had no reason to be worried because it would be impossible for Chief Information Security Officers to secure systems if they didn’t know what systems have been polluted by the Government. After this invasion of privacy Apple was forced to choose between protecting the privacy of their clients and promoting national defense. Tim Cook (Apple CEO) said that he takes the stance for privacy as he was outraged by the invasion of privacy that customers experienced.

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