The Next Best Thing For Business Tech (By Tristan Reddy, 770676)

Businesses strive for efficiency and profitability, therefore tech in the workplace is highly encouraged in order to make a bigger profit using less of an effort. Tech influences the way a business works and is a critical part of an organisation, so it is important to follow tech trends in order for a better business.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a growing technology used mostly in retail stores in order to make the operations of the business more productive. Imagine a cashless business? Where all processes are done in one swipe? Where the product is bought and simultaneously the revenue is earned, the stock list is updated and the transaction will be recorded? Making it easier to keep track of a business.

NFC is tech made for convenience. Using a chip in your phone or in your credit card to wirelessly transmit your information to a trader, who has this technology. This could be safer as there will be no need for actually cash on hand. This technology will also be good for consumers as they can now view all their transactions for a day on their cell phone rather than carrying several slips, making it better to budget.

NFC is already in the market, yet to make a huge splash in South Africa but with progression we will be able to shop around South Africa only using only our cell phone. NFC is efficient and more viable in most markets making it the best next thing in business tech.


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