3 things you can do with Gooba that you can’t do with other apps

A few days ago we published a post explaining why Gooba is the best app to take notes on a device. Today, however, we show you 3 special things you can do with Gooba and that other apps of its kind do not allow you to do.

Some of these features are available totally free, with the User account, while some are available exclusively for Creator users (coming soon).

1. Quick Notes & Full Notes

Only with Gooba you have the possibility to take notes depending on your personality and the time you have available to do so. With Quick Notes you can quickly annotate anything, without distractions and without too many steps. With Full Notes, however, you can relax and personalize your writing, becoming a real pleasure.

2. Subscriptions

Gooba is the only app for notes that allows you, in addition to taking notes, to monitor the subscriptions you have subscribed, such as Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime….

3. Priority Notes

With Gooba you have a dedicated tab that allows you to view only the most important notes, without having to waste time looking for them, scrolling through the other notes.