5 points to learn how to organize your life with Gooba 3 and tasks

Task organization has always been our goal since the beginning of our adventure. We have created a project called Atlas, a second app of the Gooba family, dedicated exclusively to tasks. After months of development, and with the design of the third version of Gooba, we decided to merge the two apps into one great service: Gooba 3.

Gooba 3 was born three months ago, bringing many new features. We have renewed the way we organize the notes, we have changed the interface, simplified the operations and changed the way we organize the days.

With Gooba 3, organizing a day or a project is easier than you think. Within the app we find a dedicated section, called ‘Tasks’. From here we can change the way we deal with a day: a day of work, study, shopping, etc.
With this post we will try to show you all the secrets in order to better manage your life with Gooba 3 and tasks.

1. Tasks section

Within the Tasks section we have several tabs and buttons that at first glance may confuse us. At the top we find the navigation bar, we can go back with the button on the top left, and we can create a new group with the ‘+’ button.

Below we find the various tabs that divide our tasks.
• We have the ‘All tasks’ tab that allows us to view all our activities.
• In the ‘Today’ tab we will display all the activities we have to do today without wasting time.
• The ‘Completed’ tab shows us the tasks already completed.
• With ‘Search’ a search bar will appear from which we can search our tasks.

2. Groups

Below we find the heading ‘Groups’. What are the groups?
Many times we have to work on a school or work project and we need to divide our tasks by projects. With Gooba 3 we can create infinite groups in which we can divide our activities, for example we can create a group called ‘Shopping list’ in which we can add tasks related to supermarket shopping.

To create a group, as we have already seen, just click on the ‘+’ button at the top right. A window will appear, in the Name field type the name you want to give to your group, then choose a color, and click on ‘Add’.
Here, you have created your first group!

For each group, as you can see, a ‘…’ button is available, by clicking on it you can edit or delete the group.

3. How to create a task

Now let’s move on to the most interesting part and try to create our first task. First of all we have to choose where we want to create it:
• If the task takes place in today’s time, we can create it directly from the ‘Today’ section.
• If the task is part of a group, simply select the group from the group list.
• Or we can create it from the ‘All tasks’ section and choose both the date and the group later.

Once you have chosen the position, in the tab we find the ‘+’ button in the upper right, near the tab title.

4. Editor window

After clicking the button a window will appear allowing us to create our task. We find the Title field, with no length limit. At the bottom we find three buttons:
Calendar button allows us to choose the date on which the task takes place.
Reminder button allows us to set a reminder, choosing the date (which may be different from the previously chosen date) and the time.
Group button allows us to choose the group, if we have not already done so. The choice of the group is notified to us on the left, with a bar showing us the name of the chosen group.

To save the task, press the ‘Save’ button. Congratulations, you have created your first task!

5. Tasks list and actions

All created tasks can be viewed as a list, with their own title and date. Several actions are available in the list. We can click on it to edit it, for example.
Or we can use the swipe gesture:
• If we swipe from left to right we can mark the task as ‘Completed’ and we will find it in the ‘Completed’ tab where we can permanently delete it or recover it.
• If we swipe from right to left we can delete the task.

Easy, right? Now it’s up to you to organize your days, your projects, your work, your travels. With Gooba 3 and tasks everything will be easier! If you need help you can contact us on Twitter and ask us anything.




Writing and task manager in one app.

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Writing and task manager in one app.

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