A small gift from Gooba for Christmas

We want to celebrate our first year in a nice way. And we want to do it with you. If today we have arrived here, it is mainly thanks to our users.

To celebrate the end of 2018, our first big year, we decided to launch a small game that will involve all of you. The winners will receive a small gift, which we will only reveal at the end of the game.

On December 22rd, we will share a post on our Twitter profile that will kick off the game. Here are the rules to partecipate:

  1. The game will take place exclusively online.
  2. Visit the website http://giveaway.goobapp.com (not available yet).
  3. Enter all the requested information.
  4. We will send the information to receive the gift via the email address you entered during registration.

The winners will be decreed as follows:

  1. People who sign up on 22/12 earns 20 points.
  2. People who sign up on 23/12 earns 10 points.
  3. People who sign up on 24/12 earns 5 points.
  4. Points earned with registration are not enough to win. On the day of the competition deadline (December 25th) we will use a platform that will assign random points (from 0 to 50) for each user who has signed up. The result will be added with the points earned through the registration.
  5. The first three people in the ranking will win.

It’s possible to play from 12 pm on 22/12 until 11.59 pm on 24/12. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays,
Gooba team.