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Gooba was born as an app for notes at the end of 2017. It was developed to allow all iOS users to take notes quickly and easily with their device. Just as it would happen if you wrote down something in a paper. Notes have always been the main feature of Gooba.

During the updates we improved and renewed them, but we also made Gooba more than just a simple note-taking app. With Gooba 3, we added Tasks, for example. Despite this, however, we focused on what Gooba was conceived for. We have renewed our notes, adding some new features and greatly improving those we were already used to.

In this post-tutorial, we will help new users of Gooba 3 to discover all the secrets to be able to take note with the easiest app in the world to manage the notes.

‘Notes’ section

The ‘Notes’ section of Gooba 3 is the first thing to learn. From here we can have full control over the management of our notes. We can display all the notes, the notes that we have deleted, we can quickly search for a note and we can create and display the Folders to organize our notes (here the complete guide for the Folders in Gooba 3).

Our first note

After becoming familiar with the ‘Notes’ section, we can create our first note. You can decide to create it directly in a folder or add it to the list of all the notes.

In the first case it will be enough to choose from the ‘Notes’ section one of the folders we have created. Once you open the folder, show us all the notes present. To create a new note in it, just click on the ‘+’ button at the top right.

In the second case, however, just click, from the ‘Notes’ section, on ‘All notes’, in order to go to the “folder” where all the notes are. To create a new note, just click on the ‘+’ button at the top right.

Note Editor

Now we are in the Note Editor of Gooba 3, from here we can write our note. At the top we will have the navigation bar, where we can go back, display the information of the note just created, create a tasks (which we’ll see later) and export the note.

At the center we will have two text fields. The first concerns the title of the note and the second the body of the note.

In the lower right corner, however, we find the Action Bar. We can choose to change the folder, set the note as a Priority and protect it. We’ll explain all this soon.

Write note

Let’s try to write something. We add a title, writing in the field ‘Title’.
Then pressing the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard, we can move in the body of the note. We write something here too.
As you may have noticed, above the keyboard, there is a menu, from which you can change some settings concerning the text of your note. You can change the color and size of the text and add an attached image.

With Gooba 3 the saving of what you write or set in a note takes place automatically. If you delete a piece of text by mistake, you can restore it by shaking your iPhone or iPad. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the restore.

That’s it, you’ve created your first note!

Add a note to a folder

You can add a note to a folder directly from the editor by clicking on the folder button in the action bar at the bottom right.
A pop-up will appear with a list of all the folders you’ve previously created in the ‘Notes’ section. Simply select the desired folder.

After choosing the folder, you will be able to view your choice at the top, in the navigation bar.

Set the note as Priority

In Gooba 3, in addition to the ‘Notes’ and ‘Tasks’ section, we find the ‘Priority’ section. In this section we can add the important notes, which need a faster search.
To add a note as a Priority, from the editor, simply click on the star button in the action bar.

Protect a note

One of the most useful features of the notes in Gooba 3 is certainly that of the Protection of Notes. You can protect a note with a PIN so that only you can read it. Also, if you have an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID or Face ID, you can speed up the unlock.

To protect a note, after setting a PIN in Gooba settings (Settings> General> Security), just click on the lock button in the action bar.

Note info

By clicking on the Info button, in the navigation bar, we can access the information menu of the note. We can display the date and time of the last edit, the character count, the color and the text size.

Creating task from a note

By clicking on the checkmark button, a pop-up will appear in the navigation bar that will allow us to create a task directly from the note we are writing. This is a feature still under development and not fully completed.

It is currently useful for creating a task related to the note at the same time that we are writing. For example, if the note reported an email to send to a colleague, while we write the note we can decide to start a task that reminds us to send the email on a specific day and time. Instead of going through the ‘Tasks’ section, we can speed up the operation and create the task directly from the editor.

In fact, if we click the button, the task will automatically replay the note title. Below we will explain the future of this feature.

Exporting a note

Of course we can export our note with any cloud service or app. To do this just click on the share button, in the navigation bar. A menu will appear asking how we want to export the note: PDF or txt file.
Once the format is chosen, a pop-up will appear that will allow us to export the note in any cloud (Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) or to share it with any app.

Quick Actions

In the list of all the notes or in a folder, you can quickly manage the notes thanks to the quick actions.

  • With a swipe to the left (on a note) you can move/remove a note in a folder or delete it.
  • With a swipe to the right, you can add/remove a note as a Priority or protect/unlock it.

The future of the Notes in Gooba 3

There are many new features that our development team is testing. We are planning to add Markdown support, to make Notes even more powerful and multiplatform.
The management of the notes will be improved in future updates, thanks to the possibility of creating sub-folders.
And, moreover, we are testing some tools that allow us to enrich the “Tasks in Notes” feature.

All this will come with the next updates of Gooba 3, including the 3.1 update, coming in March.

Continue to follow us on our social pages, Twitter and Instagram. Write us to report a problem, to give us feedback or advice through our dedicated channel.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.


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Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.

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