Evolving the Gooba brand: a new design with a new vision

Feb 18, 2019 · 3 min read

In September, with the launch of Gooba 3, we renewed our brand, introducing a new logo with new colors to celebrate our great goal.

Gooba 3 has been a huge success and it is still so, and for this reason our service is in continuous progress. Our iOS apps are always updated with new features, our team is increasingly united and linked by a single goal: to bring Gooba higher than it already is.

Today is the most important day, after the launch of Gooba 3, for our product: our brand is evolving.


Energy and simplicity are elements that emerge thanks to the choice of colors. The basic orange has a light shade and is matched with the gray, dark base color.


The logo represents the essence of Gooba: a pencil. The pencil is the actual item that we have always at hand: at home, in the office, at the university. It is the first element we take to take notes, in addition to the sheet. Gooba is like a pencil: simple, cheap and close at hand.

The logo has been slightly improved to adapt to the evolution of the brand.


Dynamic and geometric illustrations tell the everyday life of enterprising and independent people, men and women who organize the day between work, interpersonal relationships and free time.


We have adopted a new font for our brand and for all our services and channels. Mosk is simple and linear. It is the result of the work of the designer Iulian Maftei.

For the evolution of our brand we relied on the designer Michela Zanfini, who gave life to the new colors and illustrations.

The evolution of the brand is a process that will take a whole year, so throughout 2019. Week by week, month by month, you will notice changes in our apps, our websites and our social channels.
In March we will launch the next Gooba update, version 3.1, which will include new illustrations in the various tabs.

Below is the video of the announcement of the new Gooba brand:


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