Gooba 2.8 is available on the App Store with Apple Watch app and Editor improvements

Today we released a major update eagerly awaited by all users. Gooba 2.8 is now available for everyone in the App Store with important features, first of all the app for Apple Watch!

Let’s find out what’s new:

Gooba for Apple Watch

Announced a few weeks ago, Gooba for Apple Watch officially comes with this update. From now on it is not necessary to have in your hands your iPhone or iPad to consult the notes, priorities and subscriptions. We find it all in our Apple Watch.

To synchronize all the data you just turn on the switch in the Creator mode section, on iPhone.

Editor improvements

We have improved the note editor, both graphically and functionally. Now we can view our notes without going directly into the editing mode, so that we can easily copy and browse information. To edit a note, just click the button at the top right and once the change is over we can return to the display mode, without leaving the note, as was the case before.

Support for hyperlink, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, flight numbers

Finally in our notes we can have, in addition to the simple text: links, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers and flight numbers. Each of them is connected to a special app. If we click on a link we will automatically be redirected to Safari, or if we click on an address we will end up on Maps. Or we could start a call or a video call by clicking on a phone number. Or write an email directly from Gooba, by clicking on an email address.

Many improvements and bug fixes

In this update we have corrected many errors, so we can prepare Gooba for the next update.

Gooba 2.8 is available as a free update on the App Store. Run immediately to download it and let us know what you think, by writing to us on our Twitter or Instagram profile.