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We have worked hard to make Gooba 3.1 the greatest version of Gooba ever made to date. With this update we can get rid of the definition “note-taking app” when we describe Gooba. Thanks to the incredible new features and new improvements, from now on, Gooba will no longer be a simple app for notes, but a real writing app.

Gooba 3.1 marks a fundamental beginning for the evolution of our service. We started from a simple app for notes, then going to Gooba 3, with more powerful notes and support for tasks. And today we are here, with Gooba 3.1: an update with new intentions.

Let’s find out what’s new and beautiful in this free update.

Redesigned Editor with Markdown support

With Gooba 3.1 it will change the way we write the notes, if we still want to call them that. With the addition of Markdown support, your texts will have a new look and more personalization.

You can add endless headers, for example. Or you can emphasize the text or give it greater thickness. And you can add lines of code.

The editor has been redesigned, bringing with it new buttons to add headers and other actions for Markdown, and presents some improvements in the interface.

Soon in our blog, in the section Learn how to use Gooba will come a guide to the Markdown for Gooba notes, to learn all the secrets. Do not lose it!

New export formats

Even the notes outside of Gooba will have a new look, with the four new improved formats: PDF, txt, Markdown & HTML.

All formats (except the .txt format) will perfectly respect the formatting given to your notes.

Improved Info Tab

We have improved the Information tab for notes. Now you can view the word count and the device from which the note was created.

New font

The Menlo font for the note editor has been added. You can choose it by going to Settings> General> Editor> Font.

Improvements on the iPad

We’ve added new shortcuts to external keyboards associated with the iPad.
Now you can perform all the actions you would do through the interface, directly with your keyboard. All this to offer a better experience when writing on the iPad.

Improved note backup

You can now back up all your notes with the new four formats (PDF, txt, Markdown & HTML).

Notes in Tasks / Tasks in Notes

With Gooba 3.1 we have improved the integration between the two major features of our service: the Notes and Tasks. Now you can link both together.

Improved Free plan

The free plan had been set aside for a while, forcing users to upgrade to the Creator plan to get a great experience with Gooba. This problem was solved with this update, and we made the free plan even more powerful by adding new features:
The new editor with the Markdown
Priority Notes
Font selection for notes
Recovery of deleted notes.

UI improvements

We have made slight changes to the interface. For example, it is possible to display in which folder a note is contained or to which group a task belongs, directly from the list of Notes or Tasks.
We have also redesigned the ‘Appearance’ tab of the Settings.

Gooba 3.1 is available as a free update and is available for download on the App Store.

We are proud of the work we have done and we are curious to know what you think. You can leave a review on the App Store and write to us on our dedicated channel.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.


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Writing and task manager in one app.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.

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