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We have just released the new major update of Gooba 3, version 3.2. Gooba 3 is becoming more and more powerful, update after update, making Gooba a more advanced service.

With Gooba 3.2 the news are so many that you will love right away. We have improved the Tasks and made them more powerful and more beautiful. However, there are other improvements in the general usability of the app.

Let’s start with the classic list of new features:

Tasks redesigned with the Planner view

The main novelty is this: your tasks are now divided by date or month. This new view allows you to more easily and quickly manage your tasks. Gooba from today is a real agenda.

New way to mark a task as “completed”

With Gooba 3.2 you no longer need to run a swipe to complete a task, thanks to the check box you just need to click on it.

New tabs in the Tasks section

We have added other tabs in the Tasks section, so that we can make task management even faster. Now you can consult the activities to be carried out during the current week or month.


Keep track of your productivity thanks to the Dashboard. A new tab from which you can check new information about your progress. From the Dashboard you can set a goal, you can see how many tasks you have completed and in which days of the current month you have been more productive.


Complete as many tasks as possible and reach the highest productivity level. There are 6 levels available (from Beginner to Champion). Find them in the Dashboard!

Black Mode

After numerous requests from our users, we have finally added a new theme within Gooba: the Black Mode. The new beautiful theme is available with the Creator plan. It’s the perfect theme to use on your devices with OLED displays.

Interface improvements

There are also improvements in the interface, essential for making Gooba a simple and clean product. We added the calendar view for choosing a task date or setting a reminder. We have also redesigned the ‘Your plan’ tab and the tab that allows you to update your plan.

Free plan

As we have always said, the free plan is a plan that will always be updated. In this update we have made the Tasks free for everyone, with some limitations.

Other improvements

We have improved performance and fixed some bugs. We have also added a new alternative icon (you can find it in Settings> Appearance) and a counter above the icon that shows the number of tasks you need to complete.

Gooba 3.2 is available as a free update and you can download it from the App Store. For any information or problem you can contact us on our Twitter profile or on our dedicated channel.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.


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Writing and task manager in one app.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.

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