Gooba 3.3 is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Sep 19 · 3 min read

After several months of development, Gooba 3.3 has arrived to bring a new look and to update the service using Apple’s new technologies designed for its devices.
Gooba 3.3 is the third major update of Gooba 3, released a year ago. The new update renews the look of the apps, thanks to new colors, new illustrations, new icons and the new font of the new Gooba brand design (announced in February).

Let’s see in detail everything that is new:

• Interface

Even more minimal and modern interface, with new colors and new icons.

• Text field for tasks

The text field for adding or editing tasks has been completely redesigned. It has a totally new look and quick actions that allow you to set a reminder or move the date of your task with just one tap.

• Priority for tasks

The Priority section will now also show you your tasks. To add a task as a priority, just tap on the star icon while editing or adding one.

• Notes in Gallery Mode

• GBN format

The GBN format of Gooba was presented a month ago and is one of the most interesting innovations of Gooba 3.3. In fact, you can export your notes in the Gooba Note format and you can archive them, send them to other users, or re-import them back into the app.

• Importing notes

Yes, finally! Now you can import notes from txt, PDF and Markdown files (in addition to the GBN format). Gooba will take care of converting the files to Gooba Notes.

• Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

• Multiple windows on iPad (only with iPadOS 13)

One of the new features of iPadOS is the ability to open an app in different windows. With Gooba 3.3, if you use an iPad with iPadOS, you can open multiple windows to write notes and manage tasks simultaneously.

• System Dark Mode (only with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13)

You can choose to sync the Gooba theme with the system theme of iOS 13.

• App for Mac (this fall)

Gooba 3.3 will be the first version of our app for Mac. A powerful app that will allow you to have all the features of Gooba for iPad on your Mac. Currently in beta (you can try it from here), it will come for everyone in the coming weeks.

Important: Apple Watch app and the ability to add text from external apps are not available in this version for a temporary problem that we will solve with future updates.

Gooba 3.3 is available as a free update and you can download it from the App Store. For any information or problem you can contact us on our Twitter profile or on our dedicated channel.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.


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Writing and task manager in one app.

Gooba Official Blog

Writing and task manager in one app.

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