Gooba for Android is official: it will land this fall

Many ask us if we intend to expand our project for other platforms. The answer is yes. Yes, Gooba will land, over the years, even on Windows and Android.
Today we have a surprise for all Android users who appreciate our project and would like to try it on their smartphone or tablet: Gooba will arrive on Android sooner than you think.

Our team is working on the app for Apple Watch, which will arrive on the App Store at the end of March. Soon after, they will focus on developing Gooba for Android and the first beta version may arrive in July. While the public version on the Google Play Store should arrive in the fall.

In the meantime, however, our designer team has put to work to show you what, probably, will be the first Gooba screen for Android. As you can see, there are lots of similarities with the app for iOS and many actions in the app are similar. This is thanks to Lightning Design, the first design language that adapts to every platform and to every display.

Over the months we will update you with more details, but we can say one thing: Gooba is becoming the biggest service to take notes with a device. Only after a year.

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