Gooba’s future: not just a simple app

In these last weeks we have tried to foresee a future for Gooba. We have worked to find out the steps we will have to take from here on, to make Gooba even better and, above all, to bring Gooba on every device.

In this post we will explain our new ideas and decisions that we have taken. The first step is to make Gooba much more than just an app. With version 2.5 we gave a new iPad app with new features and a new design. Because Gooba will be brought and improved on every platform with a worthy app.


Gooba for Mac was announced a few months ago, showing you a preview of the interface. Today we confirm that Gooba for macOS will be there. But it will not come before 2019.


Your notes will come very soon on your wrist. The launch was scheduled for spring, but we have dedicated ourselves to new projects and improvements. The release is postponed this fall, with a beta version scheduled for the end of this summer.


Android world has always been of our interest. Many users have requested a version for the green robot’s smartphone. We will do this too, but only after the release of Gooba for Mac and Apple Watch.


Of course, we will do this too.


Other users, on Twitter, want to have their notes on their PC. For now there is no scheduled version of Windows, but on the other hand can use the web service.

As mentioned before, Gooba will not be just a simple app. Our goal is to create a small family of great services.


We are doing it with Atlas, our new Gooba branded app. Atlas is a simple and beautiful app dedicated to tasks. It is already in beta and many testers are testing it to help us with development. The release is expected this summer for iPhone and iPad.

Gooba has been a completely free service so far, but we can’t manage a good service if we don’t have financial help. We found a small solution.

Gooba for Creators

Gooba for Creators is a new plan dedicated to the most loyal users. With this plan, which will cost only $0.99 (without subscription), you will have new features, including the app for Apple Watch and Atlas. We will tell you more in the coming weeks.

This is the great future that will await us. Gooba will be everywhere, we really believe it. And we will do everything possible to achieve more important goals. Thank you to being part of this family!