Introducing a new Editor with Markdown for Gooba

Today we show you a great preview of Gooba 3.1, out in March as a free update for all users.

One of the biggest features of the greatest Gooba 3 update is what we are presenting to you now. After several decisions, we decided to add support to Markdown, the famous markup language.

In fact with Gooba 3.1, we will have a redesigned editor to ensure a better experience for Gooba users. Thanks to Markdown, Gooba will become a real writing app and not just a simple app for notes.

The new editor will have new features:

Text formatting

It will be possible to personalize your notes thanks to the formatting of the text. We can add text in bold, italic, titles and subtitles. And also lines of code.

Improvements in use

The new editor offers a better experience during use, thanks to the correction of numerous bugs.

New ways to export notes

The new notes with the Markdown in Gooba 3.1 can be exported in new ways, for example in Markdown and HTML format.

Improvements for the iPad

If you have an iPad with an external keyboard you can take advantage of a whole new experience. You will feel like writing from a computer!

The new Editor with Markdown will be available with the first Public Beta of Gooba 3.1, coming next week. We opened the registrations a few days ago. If you want to preview the update, just subscribe to

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