Introducing Gooba 3, the new future for productivity

After months of development we are pleased to announce to the public the future of Gooba, introducing the biggest update that our service has ever seen so far. Gooba 3 is a new beginning, a new future and a great adventure for us and our users.

New logo

Completely new code, new design and new experience

We have rewritten both the design and the Gooba code from scratch, making the app more beautiful, more powerful and faster. Lightning Design 3 has been designed to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable, especially in devices with large screens. Moreover, Gooba’s usability has totally changed, but maintaining its fundamental principles: speed, simplicity and power.


Our Atlas app, dedicated to tasks, will no longer exist. We decided to integrate its features directly into Gooba 3. In fact, with the new update, we can create our tasks and receive alerts when we want to remember something.

Folders for notes

Yes, with Gooba 3 we can organize our notes with folders. We can create as many as we want and put in them all the notes that we want.

New search engine

Gooba Search Engine has definitely improved. Now, in addition to the notes, we can search for tasks, groups and folders.

PIN and protected notes

Protected Notes have been improved and from now on we can decide to lock our notes with a PIN, in addition to the Touch ID and Face ID.

Export of notes in txt format

In addition to the PDF format, we can now export the notes in txt format.

Tasks in Notes

Our future intention is to integrate Tasks with Notes as much as possible, to make the user experience even more enjoyable. Already from this version we can notice a small integration between the two features. With Gooba 3 if we are writing a note and we want to create a task related to that note we can do it directly from the editor, without having to go to the Task section. Simply click on the appropriate button and we will immediately create the task related to the note we are writing. It is probably the function we care about most, which is why in future versions of Gooba we will be deeply committed to this.

External backup

Finally! Now all our notes can be exported with a click anywhere (Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive…), both in PDF format and in txt format.

New Dark Mode

With the new design, we reinvented the Dark Mode in the app. New colors that will make the dark experience even more enjoyable. Furthermore, it is now possible to change theme simply and quickly.

Creator plan

Creator plan has been updated. We have added new features, like folders and external backup. The price is now $3.99, without subscription and without limits.

Gooba 3 is now available on the App Store as a free update. Download it from here.

Let us know what you think about it on our Twitter profile or on our Instagram profile.




Writing and task manager in one app.

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Writing and task manager in one app.

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