New interface with the new Gooba brand design coming in the next updates

In February we renewed our brand, with an improved logo, new colors and new illustrations. The new brand aims to achieve an even greater goal and professionalism in our service.

The release of the new design of our brand is taking place gradually in all our spaces: our website has been redesigned a few months ago and our social pages are being tinted with new colors and new illustrations for weeks.

Throughout the current year we are working to complete the redesign with the new Gooba design. Our apps for iOS, watchOS and macOS have not yet received the new design. Currently we are dedicating ourselves to making updates that improve our service, just think of the last two major updates of Gooba 3 (version 3.1 and version 3.2) that have greatly improved the Notes and Tasks.

The next major update, Gooba 3.3, which will be released in September, will mark an important milestone. It will be released exactly one year after the release of Gooba 3. We are working on it and huge new features will come. And, most likely, we’ll add the new logo, new illustrations and new colors to our apps with this major update.

Meanwhile, we have made some prototypes of the interface improvements that we will find in our iOS app. The new Gooba interface will not have a complete renovation, but only some necessary improvements to adapt it to the new brand design. We tried to mix the current colors of the Gooba 3 interface with those of the new design, in order to make the entire UI homogeneous.

We immediately notice the new font and even more minimalism and simplicity. Its usability will not be changed, you will find everything in its place, but everything will be cleaner.

A great news will be found in the list of notes which, in subsequent updates, will have two Views: List View and Collection View.

Collection View
List View

As mentioned above, we are not sure if we can add these new features to Gooba 3.3. Therefore the new interface in our apps will arrive during the second half of 2019, then from September onwards.

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