Some features that will come with Gooba 3 over the year

We launched Gooba 3 exactly a month ago, which was a great success. The new features have been appreciated by all older and new users.

In these weeks and for the next months we will work on improving and correcting all the imperfections that brought this great update. We are adding some small and nice features, like Siri Shortcuts support. And we are also preparing for the next major release of Gooba: Gooba 3.1, scheduled for this winter.

In the meantime, we are working hard to understand what needs to be improved and added to make Gooba even more powerful and complete. Today we want to show you some of the new features that will come over the year with Gooba updates (excluding Gooba 3.1).


As we defined some time ago, the Gooba 3 notes can be organized as you organize your data on a computer: create a folder and put all the data inside it. With the next updates we will greatly improve the organization, making your notes even tidier, being able to create sub-folders.

Improvements for Tasks

The most important and most interesting feature of Gooba 3 is definitely Tasks. We can organize our days simply and quickly, without forgetting anything. With the next improvements, we can not only organize our day today, but also the following day and the whole week!

Your progress

Would you like to know how many things you did during the week or during the month? Soon you can do it! Thanks to ‘Your progress’ section, you can consult the graph that shows how productive you have become!

Support for Bold & Italic font in Notes

Are you excited for these fantastic features coming soon? If you have any advice contact us on our Twitter profile!