Tasks, Dashboard and Levels in Gooba 3.2

Jul 12, 2019 · 3 min read
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Gooba 3.2 is available on the App Store for about a month, renewing the Gooba experience once again. With this new substantial update we have completely redesigned the Tasks and added some new features, such as the Dashboard and Levels.

In this article we will discover how to use the new Tasks in Gooba 3.2, we will learn to control our progress and reach the highest level. Let’s start with order.

The new tasks

The new Tasks have a new interface and a new view.

How to complete a tasks

With previous versions of Gooba, to complete a task you had to swipe to the right. Now, instead, we have added a check box next to the title of the activity. Just press on it to complete a task. And vice versa, from the Completed section, to cancel it

View in Planner

Your tasks from now on will be divided month by month or day by day, thanks to the Planner View. If you add a new task or change one with a new date, it will automatically be inserted into the tabs of your month.

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The new tabs

In the ‘Tasks’ section, as you may have noticed, there are new tabs. We have the “This month” tab, in which we find all the tasks of the current month, the “This week” tab with current week tasks, and we have the “Scheduled” tab, where we find the tasks that have a reminder.

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Calendar for the date and for reminders

We have redesigned the card that allows you to choose the date or to add a reminder to your task. Now it’s much easier to choose a date with the new calendar view.

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Your production progress can be managed by a special tab, called Dashboard, which you can find in the ‘Tasks’ tab, by clicking on the button at the top right, next to the button to add a group.
From the Dashboard you can see how many tasks have been completed throughout your journey with Gooba. You can set a goal and you can check the days of the week in which you were most productive, during the current month.
Inside the Dashboard it is possible to reach the Levels section, by clicking on the button at the top right.


There are six levels of Gooba and each of them can be reached through a specific goal. In fact, for each trophy, we find the number of tasks (total) that we will have to complete to unlock it. We would be notified within the app whenever we reach a new level. In future updates you can share your level on social networks.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, you can contact us on our Twitter profile or on our dedicated channel, where you will immediately receive support.

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