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Jul 23, 2019 · 4 min read
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The Gooba interface has always been the strong point of our service. It has been created with the utmost care and precision in the details, to guarantee a pleasant and simple user experience.
Our users always leave positive feedback regarding the interface and the ease with which it is possible to perform some operations.
Gooba is an app that offers two services simultaneously, the Notes and the Tasks, and we had to connect these two services together within the app, so as not to create confusion and insecurity for the user.

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The interface was a decisive choice to guarantee this. We have combined two distinct services, giving life to a completely new experience. Without creating any discomfort.

During subsequent updates, after the launch of Gooba 3, we continued to work on the interface, improving some parts left unresolved. Our work still continues, in fact we have recently announced a substantial update of the Gooba design for iOS, with the new Gooba brand design, coming with Gooba 3.3 (here all the details).

The interface is the main element of an application. It is the first thing the user sets himself, as soon as he tries a service. It is important that the user fits in a new design. And it is right that the user has the choice to customize their app as they see fit. And Gooba offers various ways to customize the app for iOS. Let’s find out together!


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With Gooba there are 3 themes that will fit into the whole app. We find the Classic theme, with light colors, the Dark theme, which will make the application completely dark, and the latest addition, the Black theme, dedicated to iPhones with OLED displays.

The Classic theme is available for free, while the other two are available with the Creator plan.

Themes can be set from the Gooba Settings. Then Settings>Appearance.


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Still in the Appearance section of Gooba, scrolling down, we will be able to change the app icon. This will replace the original Gooba icon throughout the system of your iPhone and iPad. Currently three icons are available: the classic icon with a dark gray background (to be used with the Classic theme), the icon with the white background (to be used with the Dark theme) and the icon with the black background (to be used with the Black theme). All icons can be used freely, depending on the theme.

Editor & Fonts

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The Note editor is constantly updated and is getting better and better. With the release of Gooba 3.1, the Editor has been completely redesigned and improved. Now you can choose 5 fonts to use (Arial, Avenir, Courier, Menlo and San Francisco), the font size, the line height and the paragraph spacing.
And other settings coming soon.

To customize the editor, just go to Settings> General>Editor.

Home Screen

Home screen can be set from Settings> General>Home Screen.

Customization is another area that is important to us and we have big ideas for the future.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, you can contact us on our Twitter profile or on our dedicated channel, where you will immediately receive support.

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Writing and task manager in one app.

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